Posada Costa Trasmiera 

Room / night:70€80€90€
Cama supletoria:24€24€24€
-HIGH season: ?70.40 (1st August-31st August)
MEDIUM season: ?50.60 (14th July-31st July and Easter)
LOW season: ?50.60 (27th March-14th July) (Offer low season 4x3, 7x5 and 10x7). (Long weekends, low season: long weekend 1st of May, St Isidro 15 of May and St George 23rd of April)
-Cot: ?6
-Extra bed: ?16.50
-Breakfast buffet: included in the price of the bedroom
Prices with VAT included (10%)
Opened since the 27th of March to the 1st of October (You can book now for long weekends from the 1st of May, 15th of May and St George-23th of April)
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Environment´s information

In the municipality of Ribamontán al Mar, besides the Beach of Langre is worth to highlight the beach of Arenillas. In front of the coast we see the island of St Marina that it is the biggest one of Cantabria. Both the estuary where the river Miera reaches the bay as the sand dunes of the Puntal are Place of Communitarian Importance (LIC) of the Red Natura 2000. In the estuary of Cubas the river Miera flows into, limiting with the municipality of Marina de Cudeyo, where it is worth to highlight the Historic-Artistic Set of Aguero. In the municipality is worth to highlight the church of Our Lady of Latas, one of the most popular sanctuaries of Cantabria whose image is object of a summer procession. On the other hand, owing to proximity of the city of Santander to the West, it is logical that the tourists move to know the rich heritage and gastronomy. And on the South you can go up to the Park of the Nature of Cabárceno that harbors animals of the five continents in conditions of semi liberty and in big areas.

Langre (Ribamontán al Mar)

Langre, with large meadows reaching to the edge of the cliffs, gives name to one of the most popular beaches of the municipality of Ribamontán al Mar, it is one kilometer long in high tide, protected by cliffs 25 m. height, you can get to it through long stairway; beach which is ideal for surfers and scuba divers. In Langre is one of the most highlighted public sculptures of the municipality, the monument dedicated to Ismael Hoz, from the sculptor Jesús Otero. The church of Saint Féliz is from 1666.


* Beach of Loredo. * Beach of Langre. * Beach of Galizano. * Somo. * The Natural Park of Cabarceno. * Santillana del Mar. * Cave El Soplao. * Castro Urdiales. * Carriazo.


Hiking, Multi Adventure, Water Sports, Golf, Hiking, Fishing, Parasailing...

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